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About PI L.A.

What is one of the most universally enjoyed food items appreciated across the board no matter what country, culture, or region? Pizza!

L.A. Style Pizza aka Pi’ L.A. weaves together the multicultural threads of the Los Angeles food scene that Jonathan Gold so eloquently championed and brought to the public’s attention. It’s the brainchild of a dedicated group of skilled professionals bringing their talents together to present a take on pizza that’s truly fresh and original.

You know Chef Fred Eric from beloved 24 hour diner Fred ‘62. Before that DTLA’s Tiara Cafe and of course the late, great Vida Restaurant. He’s known for elevating simple and approachable dishes to a place where they can be loved by both hardcore cuisine afficioandos and just everyday food lovers. His focus on great flavors has endeared thousands of Los Angelenos to the abundance and diversity of tastes this epic city has to offer.

Pi’ L.A. was born in Chef Fred’s kitchen when, like a lot of us, he was locked down and spending a lot of time at home. His experiments yielded a unique dough approach: sprouted flour (less gluten, easier to digest), cured for 72 hours (important!), Kombu water to enhance flavor and promote bubbling which provides Pi L.A.’s unique crispy crust structure.

Pi’ L.A.’s Look

The design aesthetic is a collaboration between Fred and legendary artist Shepard Fairey, who created the stunning custom panels hung throughout the restaurant. Pi’ L.A. is a short walk from the Pershing Square metro stop, just around the corner from LA’s famous Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles.

Co-LAb Pizzas

A big part of the vision for Pi’ L.A. is to literally bring people and cultures together in one place to honor the spirit of this great town. We will be working with chefs and cuisines from all around Los Angeles to create unique and enduring flavors and eating experiences… be it a stellar Mole from Oaxaca, a K-town Kimchi and Pork Belly Pie, or even a Tiki Masala Indian pizza topped with Raita. All will be championed by the clans of the cultures they were born out of as well as visiting folks who are trying these flavors for the first time.

Los Angeles Style Pizza means helping spread love for one another – through inclusivity and respect for all.


Get your Pi' from the comfort of your home or office.

Easy Pick-up

Order Online. Enter off Harlem Alley, halfway between Spring and Main, right off 4th. See map.

Dine In

Come down, grab a booth and partake in a thrououghly enjoyable dining experience.